About Ceramics for Charity


At the moment, individual artists are setting up giveaways, raffles, and donation-based shop updates…

But all of these fundraising efforts are spread out on different social media platforms and are not easily found.

The aim of Ceramics for Charity is to make it easier for the ceramics community to organize their donations on one platform. By hosting unified exhibitions, we will bring more exposure to artists wanting to fundraise, and also simplify the process of taking payments and verifying donations.

Joshua Collinson

Joshua Collinson

Joshua Collinson is the founder of The Ceramic School and The Ceramics Congress.

He grew up surrounded by ceramics, and while studying Fine Art at University he discovered his love for 3D Animation. After university, he started making websites for a living, and he now spends his time as an online business consultant. He loves creating things – both in the real world and online –  and he gets a real buzz out of helping small businesses and creative entrepreneurs succeed with their own online businesses.

Around the world, University and College ceramic courses are closing due to lack of funding. And he believes that many people, from all walks of life, are missing out on learning about ceramics. This is one of the reasons he created The Ceramics Congress, to provide accessible workshops from all around the world.

It’s his aim to use his skills to spread his love of ceramics and to inspire and inform the next generation of artists.

Now is the time to help organize the ceramics community and help ceramic artists donate their ceramics to a good cause.

Vipoo Srivilasa

Vipoo Srivilasa

Vipoo Srivilasa, a Thai born Melbourne-based artist, curator, and arts activist. Vipoo works predominantly in porcelain but also creates work on paper, mixed media sculptures, and bronze statues.

His work is a playful blend of European historical figurines and Asian decorative art practices with a healthy dose of contemporary culture…often exploring cross-cultural and migration experiences.

In addition to exhibiting his works, Vipoo regularly organized projects that created opportunities for cultural exchange between artists as well as taking part in many collaborative projects. Collaboration has been an important part of his art practice. He has been using clay to engage and include different communities in his creative process for the past 10 years.

Vipoo has also organized many global fundraising projects that have brought the ceramic community together. His recent projects include Clay for Australia; aimed at assisting those directly impacted by the Australian Bushfire, and Clay For Clay Community that helped create selling opportunities for clay workers effected by COVID-19.