Apply to our Exhibition or Donate to our fundraising raffle

Our first Virtual Fundraising Exhibition will be in support of:
Black Lives Matter, Anti-Racism, & Human Rights.

You can either:

Apply for the Exhibition
If you are selected, and your work is sold, you can choose to donate 50% or 100% to charity. The buyer will pay for postage.

Donate to the Raffle
Your work will be placed into the raffle, but may still be selected for the Exhibition. The person who wins your ceramics will pay for shipping.

(If you wish to be considered for the exhibition, then please choose work that represents the theme of the fundraiser.)

Please read the FAQ's before submitting your work.

All fields are optional apart from your name & email and one image of your work.


Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can donate their ceramics to the global fundraiser!

Yes, that means you!

Established and emerging potters, ceramic & interdisciplinary artists from all parts of the world.