Do you want to donate a Workshop to our fundraising event?

Our first Virtual Fundraising Exhibition will be in support of:
Black Lives Matter, Anti-Racism, Human Rights, and Dignity for All.

Help raise funds for charity, by hosting a Workshop/Demo/Talk.

You can choose to donate your time, or ask to be paid.

You have a Passion for Pottery, and this is your chance to spread your unique knowledge of ceramics to potters all around the world!

You can make a video about anything you want -
✔ A Talk - what's close to your heart that you would like to talk about with other potters?
✔ A Demo - What would you like to demonstrate? (You can just film yourself working - so you don't have to talk if you don't want to.)
✔ You can also join in Round Table talk/interview/chat,

You can either prerecord a video,
✔ You can film using your smartphone.
✔ Simply send us the video

Or, you can do it live,
✔ You can join using your smartphone or webcam.
✔ It will be just like a Zoom call

There's no pressure, it doesn't have to be perfect.

What's that ONE IDEA that you want to share with other aspiring potters?

Please read the FAQ's before submitting your application.


Frequently Asked Questions

Established and emerging potters, ceramic artists from all parts of the world.