Marisol Grijalva, United Arab Emirates, $400


Bubbles of Happiness Clay sculpture inspired in the innocence of children and their ability to be happy with the most simple things in life

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A Latin American artist, born and raised in Quito – Ecuador, I have lived many years in Paris, London and Dubai. These stages in my life and my fascination for travelling around the world has given my artwork a more globalist and multicultural approach, but nevertheless part of my style has maintained a reflection of my roots and my origin, which can be recognized in the strong colors, rustic touch and earthy mediums I use. I started my artistic career as a painter and later on in life I changed my path to sculpting, my technique is hand building, I believe in the flow of energy when an artist touches a mediums and I have experienced it personally when working in clay, giving birth to an unique art piece infused by this energy in movement generated during the process of creation. For me, sculpting in clay is an exciting journey that never stops surprising me. My inspiration comes from my life story, born in a third world country and having witness the hardship of life has profoundly deepened in me the sensitivity to detect hidden emotions and traits that may pass unnoticed by others. My works mainly represents humans’ inner qualities, concentrating especially on strength, resilience, endurance and happiness. I am inspired by humanity with all our differences and beyond stereotypes.


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